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Whitmarsh Family Law, PC provides legal services in paternity in Los Angeles. Challenging paternity – substitute for a family dispute. Challenging paternity is not the easiest process of family matters. It requires a painstaking and in-depth study of all the circumstances of the case and factors. The company's specialists will be happy to help the client to challenge paternity (motherhood). In accordance with the current family law, challenging paternity is possible in the case when the father (mother) of the child is not the citizen specified in the assembly record. Unfortunately, cases of challenging paternity in our time are not uncommon. Whitmarsh Family Law, PC have qualified Los Angeles paternity lawyer.


Suspicions or speculations recorded in the father’s recording of the act that the child’s wife is not his child is a normal phenomenon recently. Relationships challenging paternity are governed by our art. In accordance with this norm, a record of challenging paternity is possible only in court upon the request of: – a person recorded as father or mother of a child – a person who is actually the father or mother of a child – the child himself when he attains majority – the guardian (custodian) of the child – the guardian of the parent recognized by the court as incapable.  Whitmarsh Family Law, PC are a family law firm in Los Angeles.


Challenging paternity in court takes place in several stages: 1. Submission of an application to the court. 2. Conducting a forensic examination. 3. Getting a judgment. 4. Execution of the court decision in the registry office. Often, at the first stage of challenging paternity, people face certain difficulties: it is important to correctly draw up a statement of claim about contesting paternity. There are many procedural rules that regulate the procedure for challenging paternity.

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Concepts and types of fraud offense firm in Washington D.C. at the law firm Lotze Mosley, LLP
are of the following types: Crimes in the sphere of entrepreneurial and other economic activities. Such crimes are related to illegal business, money laundering, violation of commercial secrets, violation of bankruptcy procedures, the acquisition or sale of illegally obtained property, violation of the law during the registration of transactions. Crimes in the sphere of monetary relations in Washington D.C.


This group includes all violations of the law related to the forgery of money, the receipt, and repayment of loans, as well as the manufacture and use of: securities, government stamps, credit or payment cards, and other payment documents. Tax crimes. Concealment of funds/property, for the account of which is the collection of taxes or fees, evasion of taxes/fees. Crimes in the field of international economic and customs activities of the state. Everything related to export-import operations and customs payments. You need to have a Washington D.C. fraud offense attorney from Lotze Mosley, LLP