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Fines are imposed if the perpetrator of the commission of an administrative offense could be proven. It is the smaller rule violations of daily life that can be punished – but not necessarily so. It begins when parking a moped on the walkway . Actually crystal clear, but it is usually accepted, as long as parking for cars are scarce and the Rad does not bother too much. But what to do, if then an eager official attaches the tuber to Mopped? Speed ​​limits are not specific to motorcyclists. Probably the measurement of a motorcycle, for example, with the laser. There are other sources of error here than with the measurement of a car. Again and again gladly seen is the accusation of negligently causing a motorcycle accident . The Sharecropped is injured, bent the two-wheeler and now comes the Polaris also with a fine notice. Is not the accident driver already punished enough?


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